Great solutions start with simple tools.

7 Simple Machines collaborates with clients to identify technology roadblocks and create elegant solutions.

Could This Be You?

Our clients come to us with a wide range of questions and concerns. Sometimes they just have an idea or problem they would  like to talk through or resolve.

We listen.

We strategize.

We build.

Does your data platform feel obsolete?

Are you struggling to streamline acquisitions?

Do you feel you don’t have the tools or dashboard to manage or analyze your data?

Are you putting projects on hold because you are concerned about budgetary constraints?

Do you need help pushing your technology concern or solution up the management chain?

Is inaccurate data hindering your ability to provide accurate and actionable results?

Are you worried about data-related compliance issues?

Are you overwhelmed by a system integration or conversion project?

Do you want to use new technology but are not sure how make it happen?

Do these issues resonate?

We turn technology challenges into actionable solutions.

Areas of expertise:


Acquisitions and integrating existing systems


Data architecture


Updating legacy platforms


Data aggregation


Tool and dashboard creation


Analytics tools


Applying new technologies

We operate across diverse industries and roles.

We offer manageable solutions to bring large-scale change.

We provide business strategy and efficiency.

We empower change makers and innovators.