Modern Tools for Retirement Professionals

Dynamis is the TPA workflow platform.

Speeding the onboarding and management of plan sponsors, Dynamis streamlines compliance and administrative work for both staff and clients. Built from the ground up to allow your firm to work with any client and any recordkeeper.

Payroll Integration powered by Finch

Dynamis fully integrates with Finch, the #1 unified API for HR and payroll systems, providing secure, API-based access to over 200 HRIS providers. This platform provides 360° access to payroll data in a standardized format, facilitating administration while saving time and reducing cost.

Work with any client

No employer is too large or too small. Clear user roles link TPA employees to individual accounts, allowing your team to manage traditional plans, MEPs & PEPs, provide 3(16) services and gather census data for 5500 filings.

Identify and remedy issues early

Take on an active mindset with real-time access to critical client data. Each payroll provides your firm with up to date info: 401K and Roth deferrals & employer match; hire, rehire and termination dates; employee census details (SSN, name, date of birth). As a result you can act with confidence on eligibility tests, auto-enrollment and deduction changes.

A platform built for the future

Dynamis is a SOC 2 compliant, cloud-native SAAS platform. Designed to ensure that your business runs smoothly and that your customers have an exemplary experience with your firm.

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