Know the decision is right

How can we grow assets with confidence?

Our client envisioned a platform that would allow investment firms to maintain a 360 degree view of assets managed in their funds. This platform would allow for up-to-date insights on where monies were placed and the ability to rebalance a portfolio to ensure regulatory compliance. 7SM translated Ostye’s financial insights into a production-ready prototype of this software.

Intelligibility and momentum

Osyte’s platform removes the ambiguity of financial data. A dashboard provides a view into every penny invested in a fund. Modeling tools allow analysts and clients to consider how best to reapportion investments to map to financial targets. The status of a portfolio is transparent to all the critical parties, fund managers and clients alike.

It is always a good thing when software provides you with the room to think lucidly and to plan thoughtfully with a partner's best interests in mind. We certainly achieved this outcome with Osyte.

Ted Youngs
Director of Strategy
7 Simple Machines