Seven Simple Machines (7sm)

Custom Web Application Development

Seven Simple Machines (7sm) develops affordable web-based, distributed and standalone software applications designed to meet an organization's business needs. We promote business process automation through custom web application development.  Insight, 7sm's proprietary collaboration tool, builds a partnership with our customers to ensure software is designed and built to precise specifications with guaranteed results.

Custom Report Development

Your company reports are a big part of making decisions within your business.  To make the best decisions you need to have the right information.  One thing you can count on is that your competitors are working on getting the information they need.  7 Simple Machines provides custom report development services to deliver the reports that provide insight and drive important business decisions.

Off-the-Shelf Software

Most companies rely on off-the-shelf software programs.  For example, small businesses commonly rely on Quickbooks or Peachtree applications for accounting.  As companies grow they typically acquire industry software to help run the business.  Usually these programs are off-the-shelf programs that are adapted to the needs of the company.  They produce canned reports that don’t always give the business what they need.  

Canned reports can have the following limitations:

- The reports may not bridge the gaps between business units.
- With the inability to customize reports, canned reports often lack the details needed
- Predetermined reporting categories limit the information you receive
- Program customizations you’ve made aren’t accounted for in the canned reports
- Inaccuracies may cast a shadow on the validity of the canned reports


Spreadsheets are often used for reporting.  Spreadsheets often provide inconsistent views from employees using different data sources and naming conventions.  It’s nearly impossible to deliver a consistent enterprise view using spreadsheets.  

With many business silos operating independently it’s hard to know where all the data comes from.  It’s impossible to know how it was manipulated and changed. Security has to be a major concern with multiple people controlling information independently.  Corrupted data also makes spreadsheets extremely vulnerable.  Lastly, spreadsheets can’t scale with the organization.  Growth only occurs by creating more of them which in turn multiplies the problems.

Our Solution

7sm works with your current systems and technology to develop the right reports for you.  Our proprietary discovery process called “7sm Insight” is scalable and designed to identify your needs.  Using 7sm Insight we’re able to determine the best deliverables to meet your reporting requirements.

Our engineers are skilled in report development and speak your language. We’re committed to working quickly and effectively, to get you up and running on the kind of reporting functions you’ll need to guide your decisions and present your case to key stakeholders.
Like the best craftspeople, we know how to work with the full range of tools.  We are able to work with reporting tools such as Access, Crystal Reports, Active Reports, Tableau and other popular report writing programs. And we understand the value of to-the-door delivery, designing reports that work with your industry software.

Our primary goal is to make sure your reporting needs are met today and for the future.








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