Your vision, big or small. We empower you to get it done.

We believe in you and can equip you to be the change-maker. Using innovation, aggregation, technology, and tools, let us help you transform your vision into a game-changing solution.

“Companies of all sizes seek new technology innovations. Large companies feel paralyzed by outdated infrastructure and small companies don’t want to gamble on large purchases. Our experience building enterprise-strength data hubs has given us the know-how to work with the systems you have, and our incremental approach minimizes risk.”

Jennifer Henninger, COO


Stephen was a mid-level HR admin who had an idea about how he could genuinely create a better platform for retirement benefits. He chose 7SM to help him build a custom solution for retirement benefits in his healthcare organization. We worked with Stephen to establish a roadmap and implement incremental functionality at every step while advancing toward achieving his vision. Our multi-year collaboration has helped Stephen deliver a best-in-class solution that offers better planning tools for employees to save for retirement and better administrative tools for reporting and compliance. He’s now the Chief Investment Officer with 500,000 people on the platform.


Sara, a Director at a large Healthcare organization, was responsible for an aging infrastructure that suffered from years of acquisitions and disparate data sources. We worked with her to architect and implement a modern data solution that reduced compliance risk, accelerated new corporate acquisition integration (as fast as 30 days) and created an environment capable of easily applying the most current applications and tools.


Antoinette is a medical-device expert who saw profound inefficiencies in how information from the devices was interpreted at hospitals and how patient-care was subsequently applied. We worked with her as the subject matter expert and developed software that would aggregate data from multiple sources and make it faster and easier for nurses to act on the incoming information. The resulting software returns time to nurses to provide better care rather than reading data. It allows for more accurate financial tracking and invoicing to insurance companies, thus increasing revenue for the hospitals. And perhaps most importantly, it significantly reduces risk of errors or inattention which has the potential to lead to patient death and subsequent lawsuits.


Charles is an investment professional who works for a mid-size investment management company. He visualised a path to making smaller portfolios profitable by aggregating information from multiple custodial accounts to a dashboard with built-in analytics tools. However, he was challenged by how to create this dashboard and applicable tools to meet his specific needs and stay within an already constrained division budget. We worked with Charles to create a tailored dashboard solution. By bringing the data into an application, we eliminated the inefficiency and risk of handling multiple highly complicated Excel spreadsheets. The associated tools allowed for sophisticated data analytics and a more personalized approach to customer portfolio management. This improved workflow increases the capacity of investment managers and makes bringing in smaller portfolios significantly more profitable.

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