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How can smarter technology create better cardiological care?

Across the globe, heart clinics are inundated with data from patients with implantable devices. Automated alerts arrive on multiple platforms with divergent interfaces. Practitioners spend their time managing complicated and inconsistent workflows, and as a result, struggle to provide quality care. Contatto provides a single remote device monitoring platform that allows hospital staff to efficiently manage interactions with their patients and their devices. Hospital settings where this tool has been introduced have seen significant increases in the speed of managing patient care and improvements in clinic revenue.

An holistic approach

Contatto was built in partnership with clinicians at The Virginia Mason Heart Institute. An 18-month collaboration between our development team and the clinic's practitioners resulted in a deep understanding of the workflow challenges associated with managing the well-being of patients with implantable devices. From scheduling to billing to recording patient data, Contatto produces significant increases in the speed of managing patient care while improving clinic revenue.

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With 7SM, we partnered to build Contatto, a solution with the right mix of software and workflow to deliver an efficient process for prioritizing our clinic work day while also ensuring optimal billing and increased staff satisfaction.

Steve VonBargen
Systems Administrator, Cardiology
Virginia Mason Hospital & Medical Center