Welcome to our brand new blog.  For over 15 years we’ve been here building tools and systems for companies with aspirational goals, acquiring other companies, and innovating.  We’ve been the “behind-the-scenes” magic sauce for leaders and innovators who are making change from the inside of their companies.

Here’s what we learned: there are a lot ofintrapreneursout there.  Who are intrapreneurs? The people INSIDE companies and organizations that have an entrepreneurial mindset, are creative problem solvers, and have a lot of integrity. (Learn more about the classic intrapreneur characteristics in this Harvard Business Review article.)  We love intrapreneurs. They are the people who see opportunities, want to make their work efficient and effective, and want to provide value to the company. But, they don’t always have the experience, authority or budget to make their vision a reality.

But it may be possible, even if it doesn’t look that way on the surface.  And that’s what we love to do. And we can only do it if we are talking to the intrapreneurs! Which is why we started a blog.

Through this blog we hope to accomplish 5 things:

  1. Communicate a framework for anyone to understand how to digest and approach technology, especially those that are seeking to bring innovation into their company.
  2. Help decision makers see where they need to invest now in order to position their companies for the next phase of innovation and market shift, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain tokens. [Hint: your data foundation better be rock solid.]
  3. Share stories of those who are doing it in their own work, from the CEO to the HR manager to the entry-level IT person, working on projects that update legacy systems or incorporate new technologies, or simply build tools that make for simpler workflows.  Intrapreneurs come in all shapes and sizes.
  4. Teach about the value of Agile methodologies, and how they apply not only to tech, but to all aspects of your work and company growth to reduce risk provide the biggest bang for the buck.
  5. Support you by answering your questions and curating the most important lessons you need to know to stay on top of your rapidly changing business world.

Got an idea? See a problem you want to fix or an opportunity you want to take advantage of?  Let us know! We want to hear what you’re thinking about, and to support your intrapreneurship. Comment on this blog, drop us a lineor you can book a 15 minute chat with me.

Every business needs smart, creative intrapreneurs.  If not you, who?

Jen, Karim and the 7SM Team


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