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Technology is valuable only insofar as it helps you. It may simplify your workflow, reduce errors, or improve quality. It can help you manage data, improve your ability to see what’s going on in your company, and help you make informed decisions. But it can’t do any of those things until the people who are building it—that’s our team and yours—understand how it fits into your unique organizational ecosystem.

Through 7sm’s Insight phase we develop an in-depth understanding of your organization’s culture, processes, challenges, and goals. This process allows us to help you make the most of the technology you already have, as well as show you how new technologies and solutions can serve you.

During 7sm Insight we capture all of this information, along with design specifications, site maps, diagrams, and other essential documentation, and then deliver to you a clear definition of the project’s business requirements, a detailed project plan, and a statement of work defining costs and delivery dates.

We work individually with each client, inviting you to participate as much as you want in the development process—by sharing documentation and ideas, monitoring the progress of the project, and submitting issues and feature requests. Insight ensures transparency and open communication by making all of this information available at all times to everyone who needs it.

7sm’s custom Insight application is the central source for all project knowledge and is accessible and updatable throughout the life of the project and beyond. Our Insight application allows us to collaboratively define what will constitute a successful project. That is, a project that not only fulfills its functional requirements, but is readily adopted by users within your
organization to improve business flow, operations, and outcomes.

Successful projects are the product of teams applying shared values, skill, and effort toward a mutually understood goal. We’ve built our tools and processes from the ground up to facilitate communication and cooperation, allowing customers and 7sm staff to work as a team. Because we don’t succeed unless you succeed.








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